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Bring on Spring!

We're back in action on the blog! Check out what's hitting the floor in our new arrivals gallery, but let's talk about Facebook and Instagram for a minute!


We get about 4-5 shipments every single day, and our first priority (besides helping you find your favorite new outfit) is getting all those new goodies out on the floor! We know how exciting it is to see whats spilling out of those boxes tho, so we're always snapping pics and posting them instantly to Instagram and Facebook!


If you want to see the new goodies ASAP, please follow us on instagram @hazelboutiquenh and Like us on Facebook! These are the easiest and fastest ways for us to show you what is literally hitting the floor that day, and your chance to NEVER miss your size!


We know... one more social media app to download- but it's also a great way to see what else is going on in our fab little city!


Gotta run... more godies to unpack!


Spring 2013

It sure has taken a little too long to get here, but Spring is in the air and the ten day forecast looks delicious. Let's talk about the must haves for this transition period. This spring the trends are all over the map- something for everyone! Here are some of my must haves, and must have right now!

A white bubble hem tank by Ravel. Light and airy cotton with subtle but fun details such as the bubble hem are a must this season. Pair this with colored denim, a wide leg crop, or palazzo pant and your comfortable outfit just went super chic.

A light club cotton skirt with this cute detail will be so easy to wear a million different ways. Pair this skirt with a bright top and flats for a casual outfit, or pair it with a black slinky v-neck for a dressier option.


What a great way to bring color and funk in with this hi-lo crinkle top. Coral stripes in person, this is a must have for the traveling woman.

Have a few events or special occasions coming up? This drap can be worn in the front or back. Kill two birds with one stone, wear it with the drape in the front for one event, and in the back for the other! Pair this with a pop of color in your jewelry and out the door you go. Also available in navy and tan.


Fall 2012

Well, Summer is definitely over! I'm totally OK with that, because I LOVE cozy sweaters, dark and rich colors, scarves, scarves, scarves, tall boots, Alpaca, Wool, knits.. the list goes on and on!

While some are still holding on to those last warm moments of the turning season, it's time to re-evaluate your wardrobe and fill it with some of the most wonderful colors of the season! This year, the IT colors are teal, orange, wine, navy, brown, and BLACK! I know not everyone loves to wear black, but pairing it with some of these fabulous colors above make an outfit look so sophisticated and rich. Forget about the old rules that brown and black and navy and black don't go together- if you follow Bill Cunningham you know that this season in fashion, ANYTHING GOES! Do what you want, dress how you feel, and remember, personal styles shine!

Here are some outfit ideas that tie in both the colors of the season and some of the best pieces here at the Haze!


Pairing Navy with a lighter color makes it POP!

Pair this tunic with black, brown, or bright colors- anything will go!

Orange wool brings one of the season's best colors into your wardrobe everyday!

A teal blazer is all you need!

Colorblocking AND Wine are both fabulous statements this season!


Happy Summer!

Well, with the 4th of July right around the corner, I think it is safe to say Summer is HERE! With that, comes many travels for family vacations, business trips, girls weekend getaways, etc. We've got the BEST packable pieces for your summer travels! From lightweight cotton skirts and dresses to linen tunics and pants, lace cardigans and scarves to colorful earrings necklaces, we have just the piece for you! When packing think- foldable, lightweight, no wrinkle, and versatile (so you can make a few outfits out of it and still look fresh!).


Here are a few pieces that need to accompany any summer traveler!

This lightweight cotton/spandex panel skirt packs into a tiny square, pops right back out, and can be dressed up or down! Perfect with a coral top and some strappy sandals for a casual evening, or with a flowy tank for a walk around town!


Light silk tunic as a beach cover-up or over white pants or linen pants! Add a splash of hot pink Tagua jewelry and you will be stylin' !

A lace open cardigan is the perfect compliment to a dress while out to dinner, even on those hot summer nights you need a cover-up! Easy to pack and versatile with almost any outfit!


Fresh start!

Hello all :)

Lately I've been acting more and more as a personal stylist with some of my regulars- getting them into styles and colors that they would never had tried had I not persuaded them! This got me thinking...Everyone wants a little change here and there, and what better way than to try something you would never think of before! Many of my lovely ladies are at a transition age where they still want to look beautiful, dress hip and elegant, but sometimes have a hard time finding a selection that isn't "too young". I believe that Hazel is the place for those women, and I'm happy to help! This transition not only happens to women in their 40's, 50's, 60's, but is happening to younger women in their late 20's as well who want to look dressed and sophisticated, but don't necessarily want to go into their mother's closet!


My answer to all women of any age- TRY IT!! You may have never worn a certain style of pants or a certain color before- but you as a person are ever-evolving.. and your wardrobe should as well! I welcome anyone to set up a private styling session with me- no obligation, just come on in and try something NEW... after all, you never know until you try!!


I myself have never worn a lot of black, I've always been a brown, earthy neutrals girl... but growing a little older I find I am more and more attracted to it.. to tone it down as I transition into a black wardrobe (which I'm sure one day will be the only thing in my closet) I pair my black pieces with earthy jewelry and light colored denim or pants...


This is a black Last Tango top with earthy Tagua nut jewelry from Peru which keeps the black sharp, but brings in a softer look as well!