Fresh start!
Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 4:57PM

Hello all :)

Lately I've been acting more and more as a personal stylist with some of my regulars- getting them into styles and colors that they would never had tried had I not persuaded them! This got me thinking...Everyone wants a little change here and there, and what better way than to try something you would never think of before! Many of my lovely ladies are at a transition age where they still want to look beautiful, dress hip and elegant, but sometimes have a hard time finding a selection that isn't "too young". I believe that Hazel is the place for those women, and I'm happy to help! This transition not only happens to women in their 40's, 50's, 60's, but is happening to younger women in their late 20's as well who want to look dressed and sophisticated, but don't necessarily want to go into their mother's closet!


My answer to all women of any age- TRY IT!! You may have never worn a certain style of pants or a certain color before- but you as a person are ever-evolving.. and your wardrobe should as well! I welcome anyone to set up a private styling session with me- no obligation, just come on in and try something NEW... after all, you never know until you try!!


I myself have never worn a lot of black, I've always been a brown, earthy neutrals girl... but growing a little older I find I am more and more attracted to it.. to tone it down as I transition into a black wardrobe (which I'm sure one day will be the only thing in my closet) I pair my black pieces with earthy jewelry and light colored denim or pants...


This is a black Last Tango top with earthy Tagua nut jewelry from Peru which keeps the black sharp, but brings in a softer look as well!

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